On the day of your appoinment, your child comes in early and EMLA (a topical anesthetic cream) is placed on the ears.  This safely numbs the ear lobes so the procedure does not hurt.  Ear piercing can be done at the end of a check-up.

Babies are held in their mother’s (or grandmother’s) arms.  The worst part for them is when we hold their head still, but most babies cry only briefly and we have had a few sleep right through it all.

Older children lean against a parent’s shoulder and must be cooperative.  We will not hold an older child down for this very elective procedure.

We pierce one ear at a time because it allows for more accurate placement of the earring. Because of the EMLA we have never done one ear and had a child refuse to do the other.

Care of the new earrings is explained before you leave and involves twice daily application of antibiotic ointment for two weeks.

The earring should remain in place for at least two months to allow the hole to be established.  Even so, when the piercer earring comes out, it should be replaced immediately with another earring so the hole doesn’t close.  If you have any difficulty putting in the new earrings, come by and we will do it for you.  Avoid tiny earrings with small bases because they will “fall” into the hole and make it bigger.

Whenever you use a new pair of earrings, for the first time in two months or the 10th time in two years, always keep an eye on it for the first few weeks.  Even 14 and 18 karat gold has impurities and if the ear reacts to the metal it can “swallow” up the earring.

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