• Hi! We were in the other day and nothing brightens my day like seeing Dr.Read! We love all you guys! Xo Hope everyone has a safe, happy summer!

    Nancy A.


  • Hi. I am so happy that one of my girlfriends informed me about this site. This is such a great idea. I’ve already read tons of past posts that pertain to me, as well…thank you for doing this. I love this practice and all of the doctors are amazing. Thank you all for taking such good care of my 22 month old twins and having such patience with me-a first time twin mom with lots of questions.

    Lauren S.


  • A huge thank you to whoever faxed my daughter’s vaccinations/medical records to our daycare this morning. As always, your front office staff is helpful, kind, and professional.

    Amanda Y


  • Hi Dr. Fierstein, we just wanted to say thank you so much for your patience with Jake today and being so great with him. We hope you know how much it is appreciated!!

    Michelle G.


  • Hi! Just a note that we love all of you guys! Couldn’t be happier! Wonderful staff and doctors!

    Nancy A.


  • Had such a great experience with Dr. Lippman this week! My husband called regarding a medication question for my 3 yr old daughter who had a high fever. Dr. Lippman gave us good advice on the phone Wednesday night and then called early Thursday morning just to check in on my daughter to see how she was feeling! Thank you for such great care!

    Courtney R.


  • The office is EMPTY this afternoon — made a 4pm appointment at 3:40 and was out by 4:10. I guess Plainview is healthy this week! Thanks for making our Friday afternoon fly fast!!!  It was awesome! There is never a long wait time, but this one knocked it out of the park.

    Lisa F.


  • I was pleasantly surprised when I called the office this morning at 7:30am and someone answered. I thought you opened at 8! I have to share how happy I am that I was able to get an appointment, get in and out with no wait and still get my son to school on time (by 9am!) I hear so many complaints from other’s about their pediatricians and each time I am more appreciative of your office. You not provide excellent medical care but your front staff provides excellent customer service!!! Thank you!!!

    Kim D.


  • I really appreciated that I called the office this morning when you opened and was able to get my daughter in to see you before she went to school. It made my day so much easier

    Lisa E.


  • I wish there was a practice for adults run as well as your pediatric practice is.

    Jessica A.


  • We have been with PHA since 2002 and never been disappointed love the doctors and the staff it’s like our extended family !!!

    Michelle I.


  • we’ve been using PHA since 2007 and have never been disappointed. The best doctors!!

    Marni F.


  • I just have to say thank you to the PHA front desk, especially MaryLou, for getting me copies of camp forms for both of my kids in minutes today. After being at a highly regarded practice in NYC and always struggling to get an appointment, waiting endlessly for a callback, and needing to give 30 days notice for any forms, PHA continues to impress us with how amazing they are! Thankfully my kids are rarely sick, so I hope we don’t “see” you soon, but thank you so much for being so wonderful!

    Lisa B.


  • I just wanted to take a minute and say Thank You. The doctors and all staff here at PHA are always fantastic and extremely helpful. I also want to
    send a special Thank You to Mary Lou – no matter how big or how small the question or problem is she is always there to help

    Beth S.


  • Thank you for taking such good care of my son Noah today! You made a scary incident not so bad

    Ilene S.


  • Hi dr f. I just wanted to say you are the best pediatrician and I’m so thankful that my four kids are under your care. Thank you

    Atefeh P.


  • Hi!! Just a note to let you guys know how much I LOVE YOUR PRACTICE!!!! Dr. Read called me right back yesterday.. she rocks.. we love her and Eleanor is awesome.. and always so helpful and friendly. And Dr. F we love your (facebook) site here and all your helpful advice for non emergency /general questions. Xo

    Nancy A.


  • Awesome! Amazing! So organized! In and out with two kids (for flu shots) in less than 10 minutes, well done PHA!

    Jen L.


  • Today’s flu shot walk in appointments were amazing! Great idea and great job it was so well organized and ran smoothly. Thank you PHA!

    Ari J.


  • Hi Dr. Fierstein! It was so nice meeting you today. You have a smile that’s very genuine and warm. My son Jaden is now convinced the “Spidey-juice” he got (flu mist) has made him as strong as his daddy. Thank you!

    Janine M.