• I love PHA… I was so nervous today when Michael wouldn’t stop crying and
    you guys made sure we could come right in. Dr. Goldstein was so reassuring
    (as usual) but I just wanted to say that the entire front desk team really
    rocks. Thank u again…

    Sharon P


  • …just wanted to say this is one happy mommy! From a 9am FB text/picture to walk-in hours and seen by Dr Fierstein, I was out the door and on with my day with my little guy by 9:45! Thank you so much! You guys are awesome!!

    Michelle L


  • Huge shout out to Dr. Kerry Fierstein for this wonderful {Facebook}page! I can’t begin to thank you enough and express how appreciative I am for the late night & early morning responses! Thank you so much for all that you (and the rest of PHA) do!!!!

    Ila L

    April 4, 2016

  • Meant to say thanks! We came in yesterday morning and we were seen very very quickly. It was great!

    Jill M

    March 17, 2016

  • Thank you to Dr. Maggie and to Stephanie at the front desk for getting my daughter’s kindergarten registration paperwork completed and returned to me so quickly. Much appreciated! 👍

    Amanda Y.


  • I forgot to fill out a praise sheet but wanted to send a shout out to nurses Jackie and Stephanie as well as Dr. Chalson for making Matthew’s well visit so great. He was so nervous this morning and even though there were a few tears for the finger stick, overall it was the calmest appointment we’ve ever had! He’s still taking about how he got to show you his light up sneakers.

    Kara G.


  • I just wanted to thank Dr. Goldstein again for taking the time out of his schedule to talk to our school’s 5th grade boys about puberty. He made a topic that can be uncomfortable approachable for the boys. Our PTA sincerely appreciates it!



  • I just wanted to write a thank you. Today my son had a nose bleed. I got an appointment as soon as I called, had blood work done and received the results immediately and your staff even got my son an appointment with an ENT for tomorrow morning. Between Facebook pages; follow up calls and emails I feel that your office always goes above and beyond. Thank you

    Jodi H


  • Dr. Fierstein,

    Here is the kids Christmas picture. Pediatric Health Associates was a great experience.  You are a wonderful doctor, very professional and yet I always found you very real and funny.

    Eileen P

    December 2015

  • As an orthodontist practicing in the same building, along with Dr. Rich Shulman who is a pediatric dentist, we are fortunate to share many of the wonderful families of PHA. My patients are always raving about the doctors of this fine practice, and I highly recommend this group to all of my patients and friends. I have personally known Dr. Maggie Chalson for 16 years, as we attended SUNY Stony Brook together for our respective professions. Aside from being terrific doctors, they are also genuinely nice people, and they are reflected well by their excellent staff.

    Christian Miller


  • Many thanks to Dr.Stewart Samuel for being so helpful with my boys and the office staff for fitting us in last minute. Always rave reviews for PHA from the Ryan family!

    S. Ryan


  • We switched several years ago – only wish we made the change sooner!

    Teri T


  • I can’t say enough about how amazing this practice is. Always there for you. All doctors are amazing!!

    Candace S


  • PHA is awesome. Responsive, caring, respectful and my kids NEVER complain about having to go to the Dr because it’s never a bad experience.

    Sarah B


  • I just wanted to thank you guys. I switched to your practice last week from another practice in the area. From answering my questions, to helping me transfer my paperwork, to seeing my sick son 3x since Thursday (the day we transferred everything over) and allowing me to bring him and my paperwork in at the same time, your practice has been great so far! I met 3 of the doctors and all were wonderful. I was in and out in a half hour for each of the three visits, and felt as though my son had thorough exams! Thanks again!

    Jamie K.


  • Thank you for calling me back (several times til someone got me!) while we are in disney! My son is still coughing pretty badly … But the barking subsided some … We will see how tonight goes …Thank you , thank you, thank you for always being so accessible and for listening to us parents and addressing our concerns with respect and compassion!!! That was lacking at the last practice we were at!!

    L. Klein

    November 15, 2015

  • Thank you so much for giving my one month old an appointment immediately this morning when I called from the car. I was so worried about her and luckily it all turned out well. You guys are the best!

    Lauren G.


  • I have to say a BIG thank you to Pediatric Health Associates today for being SO amazing (even though they always are). Thank you for fitting my daughter in with Dr. Chalson 5 minutes in advance and for making my sick 3 year old feel super special on her birthday…the one day you’re never supposed to be sick!

    Lisa B


  • Thank you guys for being so awesome and returning the paperwork I needed for daycare so quickly. You are the best!

    Leslie G.


  • This is the fourth pediatric office I have taken my kids too. Yes, I said fourth.  I am finally happy with all aspects of what a group of pediatricians should be.  They are thorough, accurate with paperwork, responsive, patient, and fair.  You can get an appointment in a timely manner and be called back when needed.  The doctors never make you feel like you are overreacting, which in my case always feels like the case.  We have been going there for about four years.  I am so grateful that I listened to a local group’s recommendation, considering that I don’t live locally to this office but it doesn’t matter.  They are also accessible through Facebook and give an answer in a fair amount of time.  They are excellent at communicating through e-mails too.  I am constantly recommending them and will continue to.