Nutrition & Wellness Services at PHA 

We are looking forward to providing you and your family with quality nutritional counseling and education. We hope to promote nutritious balanced diets and physically active lifestyles that will improve whole-body wellness and quality of life.

We are here to help your family with:

► Picky eaters

► Food allergies

► Gluten sensitivity

► Celiac Disease

► Breastfeeding nutrition

► High cholesterol

► Pre-diabetes

► Poor weight gain

► Specialized diets (vegan, vegetarian, etc.)

► Weight management

► Gastrointestinal issues

► High insulin

► Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) nutrition

► Liver abnormalities

► Body image issues

► Eating disorders

Nutrition Team

Dr. Maggie Chalson

Dr. Maggie hails from New York, a south shore Long Island girl. She spent her undergraduate days at Tufts University, and then returned home to attend medical school at Stony Brook University. Dr. Maggie completed her pediatrics residency at Mount Sinai Hospital, where she developed a special interest in treating patients with obesity and eating disorders. She currently oversees the Allied Physicians Group Nutrition Program. Dr. Maggie and her husband, Jon, have a beautiful son, Asa. In addition to enjoying time with her “boys,” she loves to spend time at the beach, to cook, and to travel.

Erica Singer, PA

Erica sees patients for both nutrition services and for asthma education. She obtained her undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Marist College, before completing her Master’s degree in Physician Assistant studies from New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, NY.  Erica prides herself in being able to create a family-centered, team approach to encourage wellness in a fun and positive way! She is a huge advocate of patient education and believes families should play a first-hand role in their own care. By spending time teaching kids what to feed their bodies, how to have a more active lifestyle, or how to better manage their breathing on a day-to-day basis, Erica hopes her patients will be better able to care for themselves and build habits for a healthier future!


We would highly recommend the Allied Physicians Group Nutrition and Wellness program and we have been seeing one of their nutritionists, Erica Singer, for XXX years.  The office is great to deal with as far as minimal wait times and pleasant staffing.  Reaching out to our nutritionist for appointment changes and for questions is so easy – just an email away.  Our sessions are one on one, and on this personal journey, a great relationship and trust has developed.  Talking about your weight and eating habits is a tough subject when you are overweight, especially for kids, and being comfortable to trust someone is also a key to success.  We have never felt as though we are being judged!!  And while losing weight was the initial purpose of our visits, the program has become much more than that.  It is about a lifestyle change.  As a parent who has battled with weight issues my whole life, I wanted to offer my daughter the tools to a healthy lifestyle.  I did not want her to face the struggles I have.  It did not take a year to get to this point, and therefore we cannot expect the change to be overnight. My daughters’ journey, our family journey, is ongoing and we have our ups and downs.  At our visits, my daughter does weigh in to see her progress, but the focus is not solely on the scale.  We talk about the week, come up with new food ideas and recipes, review the foods that were eaten, talk about the good choices and improving the “bad” ones, talk about upcoming challenges and how to handle them.  And when we discuss foods, it is not just this is a good choice or a bad choice, but the reasons why.  How the foods, combinations, and timing affect her body, her nutrition, the way she feels.  We talk about physical activity and new ideas for staying active. And for younger children and teens battling their weight the social issues and how to handle situations with friends are such a large part as well. We talk about all of these topics at our meetings. Years into our journey, we have learned so much!! My daughter is healthier, our family as a whole is healthier.  We eat healthier, we feel healthier, we are sick far less often than ever before. Our lifestyle has changed and we are on the road to lifelong success!

We have had a very positive experience with Erica Singer and the Nutrition and Wellness Division of the Allied Physicians Group. Our daughter, (10), started seeing Erica in January 2017. We were concerned because she was steadily gaining weight and topping out the charts for weight for her age for several years in a row. This is a sensitive topic, especially for a female, and we wanted to be sure we were handling it gently and appropriately. Erica has been wonderful at explaining very clearly to both us and our daughter how she should be portioning out her meals. She has given us a simple, yet very effective plan to follow. She was not overly focused on her weight, but on teaching real strategies to help her make good choices in any situation that she can use for the rest of her life. She has taken to the plan very well and she has lost 10 pounds in 6 months. She has more energy and looks and feels great. We could not be happier with the result. We’d like to extend great thanks to Erica for her help and support.