Did you know that asthma is the #1 chronic disease in children?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 10% of US children have asthma. Nearly 50% of children under 18 years old with asthma, reported having one or more asthmatic attacks in the past year. This lung disease accounts for 14.2 million doctor’s office visits and 1.8 million ER visits every year! It costs more than $81.9 BILLION dollars annually in this country. So, what’s the bottom line?  We need more asthma education and better asthma management!

Allied Physicians Group started an asthma initiative in 2018 which involves working together in a coordinated way to better care for asthma patients. Here at Pediatric Health Associates (PHA), we are joining in these efforts! We now offer specialized visits with our asthma educator, physician assistant Erica Singer.

During these visits, Erica will work with you and your child to:

  • learn what asthma is and how to affects your body
  • better recognize and manage symptoms to help prevent asthma attacks and decrease the severity of the illness.
  • Recognize and reduce your asthma triggers!

Testing can be performed for certain patients to assess the effects on lung function and/or determine levels of disease control. You will practice your inhaler techniques in the office and discuss your action plan.

Remember, breathing is essential! Working with your asthma educator to help develop your personalized management goals will help you feel better! Keep in mind asthma symptoms can change, so open communication with your provider is important, even when you are feeling well. Many times, asthmatics think their asthma symptoms are just something they must live with, but together we can be your partners in managing your asthma better so you can live a healthier life!