PHA Flu Vaccine Days

September 15, 2020

Does my child really need a flu shot?

Yes! Especially this year to eliminate Covid-19 confusion, but Influenza has caused more deaths and serious illness in children than Covid-19. During bad flu seasons, about 30 percent of school-aged children get sick. Children miss about 38 million school days every year because of flu – and parents miss work to care for them. Nearly 100 children die in the US from influenza every year and approximately 20,000 children under the age of five are hospitalized due to the flu each year. It is well recognized that children often transmit illness to adults. When we vaccinate our children, we protect not only them, but their parents and grandparents, and the most vulnerable members of our society.

Who should receive a flu shot?

Current recommendations are:

  • Children with chronic illnesses, asthma, diabetes, heart disease & their family
  • All children 6 months – 18 years
  • All family members of a baby age 0-24 months
  • Children with an immunosuppressed family member (i.e. someone on chemotherapy.)
  • Children with elderly grandparents/great grandparents
  • Children with history of pneumonia or multiple ear infections
  • Pregnant women
  • Adults over the age of 50 years
  • Anyone with an exciting vacation planned for this winter.
  • Anyone who plans on flying this year
  • Anyone with an important life celebration this winter
  • Healthy children and adults who do not want to get the flu

**People with a previous adverse reaction to a flu shot should not receive flu vaccine.

**Children with egg allergy will receive the injectable vaccine and will be required to wait in the office for 30 minutes and should book their visit with the doctor.

Call the office to schedule your flu shot!

Ethan Makes and Donates Face Shields to Healthcare Workers Throughout Long Island

April 28, 2020

We have to take a moment to recognize this extraordinary young man. “Ethan is a member of one of the Syosset Robotics teams- the Syosset Syborgs. He is very interested in science and engineering. When it looked like school was going to be closed for 2 weeks he asked if he could use some of his savings to buy a 3D printer with the intention of printing and building a hovercraft for a school project. As it quickly became apparent that this was going to be longer than 2 weeks and that health care workers were not able to adequately protect themselves he saw a problem that he could solve. He has been able to provide shields to St. Francis, Winthrop, the Oyster Bay EMT’s and now Allied Physicians Group. He was also able to secure a donation of 600 safety goggles from FIRST Robotics that went to St. Francis hospital.”

Ethan we cannot thank you enough for your thoughtful gift. We can’t wait to see the wonderful things your future holds!

He was even recognized by Newsday, click here to see the article!

Angela & Gerri have retired!

March 12, 2020









Angela and Gerri have been with PHA since it’s inception in July 2001. After almost 18.5 years the 2 wonderful staff members are retiring. Thanks for all your hard work, and many fond memories. We wish you health and happiness in all your future endeavors. You will be missed!

Elenore has retired!







Eleanor, one of PHA’s best, has decided to retire. She has been the cornerstone of our front desk for 18.5 years and she will be greatly missed. We wish her well and much happiness always!