Question: Our almost 3 1/2 yr old daughter has woken twice in the last so many weeks crying that her legs hurt. I’ve given her Motrin and she’s gone right back to sleep. Today was her last day of camp, where she’s gone the last 8wks, and she’s breathed not one word about discomfort at any other time except these two instances. Both of my nieces (now 7 and 9) went through terrible bouts with growing pains when they were about my daughter’s age and I’m pretty positive that’s what this is…but hubby is nervous.🙈
Many thanks!

Answer: General thoughts on leg pain: if there is no redness, swelling or fever and no known trauma (ie he fell off the slide yesterday, or his brother pushed him down the stairs,) it is OK to observe. If over time, it happens in both legs, don’t worry. If it is consistently one leg, come in.