There is an article going around social media wrtiten by a parent who claims his daughter was negatively affected by HPV. This prompted me to review the literature on HPV vaccine.
There are extensive studies showing HPV vaccine safety.
There are studies looking at normal teenagers and adults who got the vaccine.
There are studies looking at females with lupus (an autoimmune disease) who got the HPV vaccine.
There ae studies looking at women who got diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, to see if they were more likely to have gotten an HPV vaccine.
All of the studies show that the HPV vaccine is extremely safe.
All of the studies also show that the HPV vaccine is extremely effective – drastically reducing HPV related disease, like abnormal pap smears, CIN, and cervical cancer.
All of the doctors at PHA strongly support HPV vaccination.
The article in question provides no support for any of its assertions.
Please do not allow one anecdotal report to cast doubt on a full body of valid, scientific studies.