Dairy and diarrhea

Question of the day: should I avoid milk witth my daughter who has diarrhea? Answer: Maintaining hydration is important and if a child loves milk, she is more likely to drink it than other things, so give it to her. Milk is probably better for her than juice or other sugary drinks like gatorade which … Continued

Tylenol and antibiotics?

Question of the day: My child is on antibiotic. Can I give him tylenol or Answer: Tylenol and motrin may be given with all antibiotics if needed for pain or fever.


Question of the day: I have the flu. My doctor said to ask you if I should put my children on Tamiflu. Answer: Tamiflu, can reduce the chance of getting the flu after an known exposure, but it does not decrease the risk of serious influenza-associated complications. Tamiflu often causes vomiting in children, and has … Continued

Humidifier vs. Vaporizer

Question of the day: Which is better, a humidifier or a vaporizer? Answer: Both put humidity into the air. A humidifier warms the air first, a vaporizer does not. Humidifiers have less risk of germs being spewed into the air, but a greater risk of burn from the hot water/steam if your child is too … Continued

Ask the doctor: ear infections & bathing

Question of the day: my child has an ear infection, what do I do about bath time? Answer: Bathe normally. A typical “ear infection” is a middle ear infection. The infection is behind the ear drum. Water in the ear does not get behind the ear drum. So a child can also swim with a … Continued

Front seat in the car?

Question: What are the requirements for children to sit in the front seat of a car ? Height? Weight? Answer: There are no specific height and weight recommendations. We would all be safer in the back seat. The recommendation is to stay in the back seat until age 13. If your child is very small, … Continued

Bug Spray

Question: my daughter will be 11 in october…she will be going on a trip with her camp next week and the camp is suggesting to bring bug spray. ..I am not a fan of bug spray. What do you recommend? Answer: We don’t recommend routine use of bug spray, but if a child is going … Continued

Speech Delay & Early Intervention

Question: Thinking about getting both of my kids evaluated for speech. What do I need to do to have to do to get the ball rolling? Answer: Young children, (0-3 years) are evaluated by the state through the early intervention program. Children over 3 years (or a little younger) need to be evaluated through the … Continued

Chiropractic care for babies

Thoughts about bringing babies to a chiropractor? I read that chiropractors who specialize in pediatrics can adjust babies to aid in eliminating reflux. Answer: We are open minded about alternative types of treatment, especially the kinds that can do no harm. However, chiropractic claims of cure have very little to support them and the risk in … Continued

Leg pains

Question: Our almost 3 1/2 yr old daughter has woken twice in the last so many weeks crying that her legs hurt. I’ve given her Motrin and she’s gone right back to sleep. Today was her last day of camp, where she’s gone the last 8wks, and she’s breathed not one word about discomfort at any … Continued