Ear piercing is a subject that can bring out strong opinions.  Some people feel strongly that infancy is the best time because any discomfort is quickly forgotten.  Other people believe that this surgical procedure should not be done before a child is old enough to ask for it.  Leaving the social implications for another time, here is the medical answer:

Ear piercing can be separated into two categories – infancy and “when she is old enough to ask for it.”

Infancy – best done between 3 and 10 months.  Before three months they are just too young and after 10 months they are more active making the actual piercing more difficult. We have done toddlers who are able to sit still.

Older children – not only to they have to ask for it, but they have to sit still for the piercing.  In our experience three years old is the youngest, but it really depends on the individual child. We have had the occassional 20 month old sit still very happily and there was one teenager that really wanted it done, but required a lot of encouragement when the time actually came.

As to where to have it done, we can not help but suggest that you have your child’s ears pierced at PHA.  Our lady doctors are very experienced and we have not had an infection yet.  While malls and jewelers may do more piercings as a whole, their employees tend to be short-term and may or may not be experienced. We think it is a good idea to know the person you are allowing to put a hole in your child’s body.

Ear piercing in our office is not covered by any insurance.

The fee is $100 including the earrings (less for only one lobe.)    We will do ear piercing on a child who is not a regular PHA patient.  We will do a second hole if there is room. We do not pierce the cartilage higher up on the ear because the risk for infection is too great.  We do not pierce any other body parts.

We use the patented Blomdahl sterile cassette system which is only available in a physician’s office.  The earring goes in and the backing goes on at the time of the piercing.  The tiny “diamond” stud is surrounded by 24 karat gold and the only metal touching your child’s skin is titanium. This inert metal is the least likely to cause any kind of allergic reaction at the site of the piercing.

See “Ear piercing Procedure” to learn what will happen at the actual visit.