Thoughts about bringing babies to a chiropractor? I read that chiropractors who specialize in pediatrics can adjust babies to aid in eliminating reflux.

Answer: We are open minded about alternative types of treatment, especially the kinds that can do no harm. However, chiropractic claims of cure have very little to support them and the risk in young children with delicate spines, is too high to recommend. In addition, many chiropractors who treat children do not have special training and even the title of “pediatric” chiropractor does not require much in the way of hands on treatment.

I am linking to an article that is relatively easy for a non-medical person to understand. This is part of it: A randomized, controlled trial of infantile colic treated with chiropractic spinal manipulation, published in a 2001 issue of Archives of Diseases in Childhood, concluded that “Chiropractic spinal manipulation is no more effective than placebo in the treatment of infantile colic.” A recent systematic review of randomized clinical trials offered this conclusion: “There is no good evidence to show that spinal manipulation is effective for infant colic.”…/

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