Well Child Care – 3 months

Name: ​               Date:​ Weight:​              Height:​                Head Circumference: Sleep: By three months many, but not all, babies can sleep through the night (6-10 hours. This is the age when you may let your baby cry for … Continued

Well Child Care – 2 months

Name:                    ​Date:​ Weight:​                  Height:​               Head Circumference: Sleep: By two months your baby will be more alert and spend more time awake during the day. Many babies will still wake every 3-4 … Continued

Well Child Care – 1 week

Name:​                       Date:​ Weight:​                     Height:​                  Head Circumference: Feeding: Your baby is growing! At this age, a baby only needs breast milk or infant formula. Most babies take … Continued

Well Child Care – 1 month

Name:​                                               Date:​ Weight:​                   Height:​               Head Circumference: Sleep: Parents want their children to go to bed without … Continued

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