Well Child Care – 1 month

Name:​                                               Date:​ Weight:​                   Height:​               Head Circumference: Sleep: Parents want their children to go to bed without … Continued

Sleep – whose bedtime is it anyway?

by Lynne Reeves Griffin, RN, MEd A good night’s sleep is something all parents of young children daydream about. But when can you expect this momentous occasion to occur? The most notable experts on children and sleep offer opposing theories. So for many of us, teaching our child good sleep habits can feel like navigating … Continued


The doctors at Pediatric Health Associates recognize the importance of healthy hearing and believe that detection of hearing loss is a fundamental aspect of every patients’ care. We are so excited to have our Otoacoustic emissions machine, a state of the art hearing test that allows us to test hearing in children of all ages … Continued

Booster Seats

Question – My son turns 5 in September and is in his car seat still. Wanted to know about switching him to a booster. He’s a little over 42inches and weighs 36 pounds. Should he be in a five point harness booster? Thank you.   Answer – He is safer in the booster. He should … Continued


By Jennifer Ratas, Ph.D. Children need discipline……….it helps them to learn that all behaviors have consequences, both positive and negative, and that control over themselves is always a choice.  Choosing a discipline technique can feel confusing and overwhelming.  However, discipline does not have to be, and most often should not be, something born out of … Continued

The Ear Piercing Procedure

On the day of your appoinment, your child comes in early and EMLA (a topical anesthetic cream) is placed on the ears.  This safely numbs the ear lobes so the procedure does not hurt.  Ear piercing can be done at the end of a check-up. Babies are held in their mother’s (or grandmother’s) arms.  The … Continued

Ear Piercing at PHA

Ear piercing is a subject that can bring out strong opinions.  Some people feel strongly that infancy is the best time because any discomfort is quickly forgotten.  Other people believe that this surgical procedure should not be done before a child is old enough to ask for it.  Leaving the social implications for another time, … Continued

ADHD Medications and EKGs

In 2008 the American Heart Association released new guidelines concerning ADHD medications. It is now recommended that screening electrocardiograms (EKGs) be part of the work-up for all children taking stimulant medications for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD.) Children in the following categories should call our office to schedule an EKG: All children starting ADHD medications. … Continued

Who should receive a flu shot?

Current recommendations are: Children with chronic illnesses, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, cancer & their family All children 6 months to 18 years of age, with special emphasis on those under 5 years old. All family members of a baby age 0-24 months – so if you are expecting a baby between now and March, this means you! … Continued