Front seat in the car?

Question: What are the requirements for children to sit in the front seat of a car ? Height? Weight? Answer: There are no specific height and weight recommendations. We would all be safer in the back seat. The recommendation is to stay in the back seat until age 13. If your child is very small, … Continued

Speech Delay & Early Intervention

Question: Thinking about getting both of my kids evaluated for speech. What do I need to do to have to do to get the ball rolling? Answer: Young children, (0-3 years) are evaluated by the state through the early intervention program. Children over 3 years (or a little younger) need to be evaluated through the … Continued

Sleep – whose bedtime is it anyway?

by Lynne Reeves Griffin, RN, MEd A good night’s sleep is something all parents of young children daydream about. But when can you expect this momentous occasion to occur? The most notable experts on children and sleep offer opposing theories. So for many of us, teaching our child good sleep habits can feel like navigating … Continued


The doctors at Pediatric Health Associates recognize the importance of healthy hearing and believe that detection of hearing loss is a fundamental aspect of every patients’ care. We are so excited to have our Otoacoustic emissions machine, a state of the art hearing test that allows us to test hearing in children of all ages … Continued


By Jennifer Ratas, Ph.D. Children need discipline……….it helps them to learn that all behaviors have consequences, both positive and negative, and that control over themselves is always a choice.  Choosing a discipline technique can feel confusing and overwhelming.  However, discipline does not have to be, and most often should not be, something born out of … Continued