Question of the day: Someone in the family has shingles. Can my child catch it? Answer: Shingles is a reactivation of the chicken pox virus that lives in your nerves after infection (and somewhat after vaccination too.) Shingles is contagious to others as chicken pox, and it is really not very contagious – especially if … Continued

Humidifier vs. Vaporizer

Question of the day: Which is better, a humidifier or a vaporizer? Answer: Both put humidity into the air. A humidifier warms the air first, a vaporizer does not. Humidifiers have less risk of germs being spewed into the air, but a greater risk of burn from the hot water/steam if your child is too … Continued

Ask the doctor: ear infections & bathing

Question of the day: my child has an ear infection, what do I do about bath time? Answer: Bathe normally. A typical “ear infection” is a middle ear infection. The infection is behind the ear drum. Water in the ear does not get behind the ear drum. So a child can also swim with a … Continued


Treat Child’s Vomiting Seriously A variety of illnesses can cause vomiting in children, some serious and requiring prompt medical attention. For example, extreme lethargy, headache, and stiff neck might suggest a central nervous system infection, such as meningitis. Persistent bile-stained vomitus or prolonged abdominal pain could mean appendicitis or another surgical problem. Vomiting with frequent … Continued


The doctors at Pediatric Health Associates recognize the importance of healthy hearing and believe that detection of hearing loss is a fundamental aspect of every patients’ care. We are so excited to have our Otoacoustic emissions machine, a state of the art hearing test that allows us to test hearing in children of all ages … Continued

Springtime Allergy Tips

by Dr. Raphael Strauss, allergist Allergy season can be very challenging as you well know. We cannot get rid of the pollen, but we can give you some suggestions to ease your discomfort. 1. Stay indoors in air-conditioning as much as you practically can. 2. Shower and wash hair after coming in from the outdoors. … Continued

Contagious with Coxsackie?

Question:  My daughter was in earlier this week with Coxsackie. She hasn’t had fever since Tuesday night and seems to be feeling fine this morning. She is staying home from school today but if she is fine all day can she go back tomorrow or should I wait till Monday? I don’t want her to … Continued


Question: My 5 year old has what appears to be a wart on her toe. Is this something you would be able to treat or should I take her to a dermatologist or a podiatrist? Thanks! Answer: We can handle it. You can also try to treat it yourself. Get OTC wart remover (CVS brand … Continued

Headache Info

Most Headaches not Cause for Serious Concern Head pain has plagued people since the time of Hippocrates and is probably our most commonly experienced pain. Although we usually think of headaches as an adult disease, they are quite common in youngsters. 80% of children by age 14 have experienced headaches and one in five suffers … Continued


Does your child with diarrhea have any signs of dehydration? extreme drowsiness dry, sticky mouth no tears when crying sunken soft spot grayish skin fast breathing sunken appearance to eyes no wet diapers or urine in 8 hours skin does not flatten when pinched and released Call your child’s healthcare provider immediately! Is your child … Continued

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