No one knows your child like you, and no one can take care of them medically like us. One of your PHA doctors is on-call at all times and we want to hear from you before you take your child for after hours care.

It is sometimes hard for parents to know if a sick child need to be seen right away, or if it is OK to wait until morning to see the doctor that knows your child best. Most things can wait until morning and many times there is a benefit in waiting. Call us and we will help you figure out the best treatment for your child, whether it is going out at night or getting a first morning appointment with us.

PHA is a certified Level 3 NCQA Medical Home. We specialize in caring for kids, and we have been recognized for doing it at the highest level. Emergency Room doctors and Urgicare providers are unknown quantities who just don’t have our training or our resources. We have your child’s complete medical history, including allergies, medications, past illnesses and consults from specialists. All this information paints a picture of your child that allows us to provide the best care.

The take home message is, dial 911 if you need to, but otherwise

Call Us First & Let Us Help You.

We hope you find the following information helpful.