Office Policies

Our Added Benefits Plan is a voluntary* program designed to help us maintain the level of service we feel is necessary in a pediatric practice. It specifically covers forms, transmission of prescriptions to the pharmacy, faxing to school/home and mailings to school/home.

Our Added Benefits Plan starts in January and ends in December each year.

Families that join will receive an unlimited number of:

  • school, camp, sports, college & day care forms
  • prescriptions transmitted to the pharmacy
  • faxing school/camp forms/referrals
  • mailing school/camp forms/referrals
  • +  our thanks for your support

In addition, the existence of the Added Benefits Program will allow us to maintain an environment that adds to the quality of the care & the quality of the experience for your family with services such as:

  • A large, experienced, well-trained staff that knows you & your child
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • A large inventory of vaccines
  • Access to your doctors day & night.
  • A clean, bright, happy environment

*Our doctors strongly urge everyone to join our Added Benefits Plan, but it is a voluntary program. Families that do not participate will receive a copy of their child’s immunizations once yearly & may have forms filled out for a fee of $20 per form. Prescriptions may be picked up at the office.

Fee – $40/child per year.  Maximum $100/family per year.

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