Vaccines and tylenol

Question of the Day: Should I give my child medication before he gets a vaccine? Answer: Only give medication when it is needed. The pain of the vaccine is minimal and not prevented by Tylenol. Only a small percentage of children have fever with a vaccine and that fever may not occur in the four … Continued


Question of the day: Someone in the family has shingles. Can my child catch it? Answer: Shingles is a reactivation of the chicken pox virus that lives in your nerves after infection (and somewhat after vaccination too.) Shingles is contagious to others as chicken pox, and it is really not very contagious – especially if … Continued

Booster seat graduate?

Question of the day: When may my six year old stop using a booster seat? Answer: According to NYS law, a child needs to be in a booster seat until 8 years of age, unless he is 4 ft 9 in, or 100 lbs. Both NYS and the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest that the … Continued


Question of the Day: my 5 year old son has been toilet trained for two years, but till wets at night. Should lI be concerned? Answer: Nightime dryness is often achieved later than daytime dryness. This is a maturational issue, not a medical one. When it starts to bother him, call us for options.

Soy & boys

Question of the day: Is soy unhealthy for boys? Answer: Concerns had been raised about the estrogen effects of soy in young men. However, studies in the last several years have shown that soy is not a problem for men/boys. Let them enjoy.

Staying healthy

Question of the day: We’re going to see lots of family in the next few days and everyone around us is sick! How do I boost my kids immune system? Answer: There is no supplement that will boost your children’s immune system but I do have two suggestions. 1. Make sure they get enough sleep. … Continued


Question of the day: Are poinsettias really poisonous to children or pets? Answer: The beautiful poinsettia is not toxic (though it is related to plants that are.) According to the POISINDEX information source – the primary resource used by the majority of poison control centers nationwide – a child who weighed 50 lbs. would have … Continued

Dairy and diarrhea

Question of the day: should I avoid milk witth my daughter who has diarrhea? Answer: Maintaining hydration is important and if a child loves milk, she is more likely to drink it than other things, so give it to her. Milk is probably better for her than juice or other sugary drinks like gatorade which … Continued

Tylenol and antibiotics?

Question of the day: My child is on antibiotic. Can I give him tylenol or Answer: Tylenol and motrin may be given with all antibiotics if needed for pain or fever.


Question of the day: I have the flu. My doctor said to ask you if I should put my children on Tamiflu. Answer: Tamiflu, can reduce the chance of getting the flu after an known exposure, but it does not decrease the risk of serious influenza-associated complications. Tamiflu often causes vomiting in children, and has … Continued

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