Soy for boys

Question: I am a vegetarian and I eat a lot of tofu. My sons love it too and always want it when I have it. I am wondering if I should limit their soy intake though. I have heard things about soy being bad, especially for males, so I’m wondering what you tell people. TIA! Answer: … Continued

Ear Piercing at PHA

Ear piercing is a subject that can bring out strong opinions.  Some people feel strongly that infancy is the best time because any discomfort is quickly forgotten.  Other people believe that this surgical procedure should not be done before a child is old enough to ask for it.  Leaving the social implications for another time, … Continued

My newborn pushes when he poops. Is this normal?

It is normal for newborns to seem to strain when they have a bowel movement. Sometimes their face turns red too.  Having a bowel movement is complicated. One needs to tighten the stomach muscles while relaxing the anal sphincters.  When your baby gets that feeling, he needs to get his whole body involved to figure … Continued

PHA Vaccine Schedule

PHA doctors feel strongly that vaccines are a very important part of preventive medicine in chidren. We follow the immunization guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics. We recommend that all vaccines are given when they are due. We allow small amounts of leeway for special situations which you should feel free to discuss with … Continued

Back Pack Safety

Backpacks come in all sizes, colors, fabrics, and shapes and help kids of all ages express their own personal sense of style. And if they’re used properly, they can be a useful tool for kids. Many packs come with multiple compartments that help students stay organized while they tote their books and papers from home … Continued

Newborn Care

Information for the Care of Your New Baby Congratulations! Pregnancy is a time of anticipation, excitement, preparation and uncertainty. Birth is one of the most extraordinary times and experiences in the parents’ life. With the joys of birth come feelings of fatigue and an overwhelming sense of responsibility. This handout, and the ones you will … Continued

Well Child Care – 1 week

Name:​                       Date:​ Weight:​                     Height:​                  Head Circumference: Feeding: Your baby is growing! At this age, a baby only needs breast milk or infant formula. Most babies take … Continued

Well Child Care – 1 month

Name:​                                               Date:​ Weight:​                   Height:​               Head Circumference: Sleep: Parents want their children to go to bed without … Continued

Well Child Care – 2 months

Name:                    ​Date:​ Weight:​                  Height:​               Head Circumference: Sleep: By two months your baby will be more alert and spend more time awake during the day. Many babies will still wake every 3-4 … Continued

Well Child Care – 3 months

Name: ​               Date:​ Weight:​              Height:​                Head Circumference: Sleep: By three months many, but not all, babies can sleep through the night (6-10 hours. This is the age when you may let your baby cry for … Continued